28 Day Total Body Sculpting

Energize, Exercise, & Sculpt Your Body!

28 Day Complete Body Sculpting

Next Challenge Starts on Monday December 7th

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Wake up feeling great every day with the body you LOVE!

This 28 Day Body Sculpting Challenge includes:

  • Full Accountability Program & Daily Videos
  • Options for Low Impact & High Intensity Workouts
  • Free access to ask me all your questions
  • Healthy Eating Guide and so much more...

What You Get in The Body Sculpting Challenge

  • The challenge encompasses a 28 day full body workout.
  • We will target your arms, legs, and especially your core (stubborn belly fat).
  • I've been teaching group fitness class for over 8 years and have worked with hundreds of people ranging from youth to elderly and everything in between.
  • Because I have 4 kids, I know a lot about pre and post natal fitness.
  • I've had to lose weight before and I know exactly what it takes. I know how to get toned, I know how to keep you motivated, and most importantly I know how to get you results!
  • Whether you are trying to lose your baby weight, strengthen your core, or tone your six pack, you'll see results with my challenge.
  • Every video comes with modifications so you can work at your level, meaning if your afraid you won't be able to do it... You WILL be able too.


exercise videos Fun Workouts Designed Specifically to Get You Results
accountability Check in with me Every Day!
You Rocked it? I want to Hear about it!
Didn't do it? I'm going to know...

workouts Modifications for Every Level Because I've been Where You are, and I can Get You to Where I AM!
maximum results Add progress photos at any time and earn prizes at the end of the challenge!

macro calculator Access to My Macro Calculator & Guide - This means you'll know exactly how many of what nutrients to consume to reach your goals quickly!
videos VIP access to my popular meal plan recipes and videos on how to make them.

daily tips Daily Tips & Social Interaction to Keep You Motivated
Detailed Explanation Special opportunities for continuing fitness education.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Just Click on a Question to Learn More

Absolutely! A gym membership is preferred but this challenge is designed so you can get maximum results with a gym or at home!

You should be able to do a complete workout in about 20 - 30 minutes

Yes, these exercises with definitely help but I also recommend doing my healthy eating challenge as well to ensure sound nutrition advice for maximum results.

It is preferred that you get clearance from your doctor first, however, I provide modifications in every workout.

My workouts are tailored to all. Those at an advanced level can use the same videos with my intensifiers while those are are just beginning can use the modifications to make things a bit easier until you progress more.

Yes, your body needs rest. 2 days out of every week are set aside for rest days. This challenge will have additional resources for rest days.

The Macro Guide Cheat Sheet and my personal macro calculator are included in this challenge which will point you in the right direction but I highly encourage entrance into my healthy eating challenge as you'll received MUCH more information on how to get the results you desire quickly.

There is just a one time payment that gets you all of the benefits above.

Yes! Feel free to share this page with those who may be interested in joining this challenge with you.


Why My Program Works:

I am beyond ecstatic to share my knowledge with you! I created this program to ensure you become better today than you were yesterday and that your goals come to pass RIGHT NOW!

Our bodies reap the benefit of our choices. Most of the time we know we need to make a difference but actually doing it is the tricky part.

Not anymore! I don't offer any pills, wraps, shakes, or anything of that manner. In this total body sculpting challenge I will teach you how to effectively and safely make changes to your body.

Because I have a Bachelors and teaching degree in Physical Education and Health along with multiple fitness certifications, I know what movements are correct and I know which ones cause harm or are simply ineffective.

Knowing what to do is half the battle, and following through with it is the other half. I am happy to say I've got you covered with both aspects!

1. I have the exact exercises for you to follow (with modifications and intensifiers)
2. You are going to report back to me inside my custom built system everyday so I know you completed the workout.

The great part about tracking is that when you do, you are checking in with me (your personal trainer) and I can offer you any additional individual guidance.

I am passionate about your success. I want to see you succeed and I will dedicate as much time as I possibly can to personally see you succeed. You can state your questions and concerns and I will always do my best to help you however I can.

You really have no reason not to reach your goals!

I seriously can't wait to get started with you, just click the button below to reserve your spot now. YAY!

Marci Barker